No Fun Press

It was a hot summer day in Toronto when we knocked on the door of NO FUN PRESS. We didn’t really know what to expect as we mainly knew the label from our admittedly excessive Tumblr browsing and from their ‘In-Your-Face’-Shirts with slogans such as ‘Anti You’, ‘No Fun’ or ‘Drop Out.’

Though when NO FUN founder Reilly Hodgson opened the door, we immediately felt welcome and oddly connected. Reilly is part of the VICE generation, growing up between skating and graffiti, rather enjoying to explore abandoned houses and discover the urban off instead of sitting in front of the TV. Besides having his own label NO FUN, Reilly works as an artist and photographer and runs the Fanzine Blood of the Young together with his neighbor Dimitri. The Magazine is a platform for photographers that both admire and who document their ‘Bad Kids Having A Good Time’ lifestyle.

We soon discover that the NO FUN anti-attitude is not a general refusal but a conscious criticism on social boredom and established structures. Their simple slogans are supposed to evoke attention in the urban space, disturb it and raise awareness.
That this aim isn’t just a stock phrase gets obvious after we spent some time with Reilly and Dimitri at their studio. DIY is important to both, they handprint every shirt and sweater, pack it and bring it to the postoffice. In between they skate in front of the studio, meet up with friends for some beers and develop new ideas together. Reilly managed to create his own little universe in the west of Toronto where he lives a balanced work-/lifestyle that he spreads out to the world – inspiring others to do the same and walk their own paths.