New online Mag ABOUTNOW presents ‘Lieblingsstück’

We are proud and glad to announce that there is a new Online Magazine in town that you should definitely have an eye on. We’ve already introduced you to ABOUTNOW earlier this year and today is the day its finally going live.

ABOUTNOW is an independent online Magazine which provides ‘curated content for fashion-conscious men’, concentrating on fashion, design and lifestyle topics with a focus on in-house produced features. Just head over to ABOUTNOW and take a look at it yourself. For now its kept in German though the videos and most of the content is also graspable if you’re non-German-speaking.

Meanwhile we’d like to put focus on one of their first in-house produced videos of the category ‘Lieblingsstück’ which portrays stylish men from all over the world, and give them a chance to show us their one dear to heart piece and the story behind it. The first episode features Jin Kim. Originally from Canada, he works now as a product manager for the fashion trade show Bread & Butter in Berlin.