iGNANT x Lenovo ‘Everyday Mobility’

Clemens Poloczek, filmmaker and founder of iGNANT blog, dealt with the subject mobility and produced the video ‘Everyday Mobility’ in collaboration with Lenovo.

The video illustrates the everyday life of a person. We see how she wakes up in the morning, gets under the shower, dresses, goes for a walk and how she cooks herself a meal. Her face is projected onto the Yoga IdeaPad, which is placed in front of her face, so the viewer can’t directly see her body above her shoulders. Depending on the situation the Yoga IdeaPad switches to one of its 4 modes: ‘Notebook’, ‘stand’, ‘tablet’ or ‘tent’. Only after she goes to bed at the end of the day her face vanishes from the screen and a starlit sky appears.

In cooperation with Lenovo