Moment to Moment

Levi’s® Made and Crafted™ teamed up with San Francisco-based publication THE THING Quarterly to produce Moment to Moment, a magazine that happens in real time throughout the summer, across various mediums and geographic locations.

Over 15 different creatives took part, creating online videos, text pieces, paintings, animated gifs, photography, and essays. Some of these pieces will appear on billboards, bus shelters, subway stations and other outdoor advertising spaces in LA, London and San Francisco. Such as Harrell Fletcher’s work that will exist on billboards, bus stands and subways in. Harrell went on walks with a group of kids in different neighborhoods, picking up objects off the ground, drawing focus on the details we often overlook. All content is built around the central theme ‘Good Things Take Time’, reminding us about the good things that happen when we slow down and experience the details around us.

All images © Levi’s® Made and Crafted™