Top 8 Vases

We regularly add some flowers to our home and also to our working place. When looking for an appropriate vase, we discovered some really unique and interesting ones that we assembled in our Top 8 Vases. Find more information by clicking on the picture. Enjoy.


Tania da Cruz created ‘Wig’, a flower vase with unexpected forms. It’s shaped like a human head. The water is stored inside it and flower and plants inserted to the wholes will look like a strange and yet beautiful wig.



The Snoopy vase by german manufacturer Jung has a handy double feature. It can either find its place hanging on the wall or standing on a table. It comes with a matching screw and dowel for 49 EUR. Get it here.



This vase is perfect for storing various herbs in your kitchen. It consits of a row of four hand-blown glass vessels are suspended from a steel wall mount, created by SkLO Studio, a collaboration between a Czech glass blower and an American husband-wife design team located in Sonoma County, California.



This classic Royal Blue Delft porcelain vase by Moooi experienced something truly bizarre…it has been blown aside by a powerful gush of wind. The wind motion becomes part of its features and its beauty also lays in the fact that it is bent but not defeated. Get it here.



This piece strips a basic vase down to its most basic functionality: holding flowers aloft in water. Designed by Decha Archjananun for Specimen Editions, this eye-catching vase takes a beautifully minimalist approach to a decorative object that has existed since Neolithic times. Click here for further info.



An impressive cityscape of 12 wheel thrown stoneware bottles in a clean, modern matte white. You can line them up on a fireplace mantel or create a sculptural tabletop centerpiece. It makes a bold, modern statement, it can also be broken up into many smaller groupings for different rooms. Contact Sara Paloma or get it at Etsy.



Muuto Closely Separates Vase by Michael Geertsen. Abstract bowls, plates and cups are merged in an intuitive way. Reminding us of the beauty in disharmony and how old things can lead to new, if we change our perspective. The object works on its own, but is given a function if flowers are added.



With Wood Vase, every single vase shows its very own style featuring brown streaking, vivid color shades, or small parts of white sapwood. The minimalist design of the body displaying four removable glass tubes makes it the perfect choice for artfully arranging delicate flowers, flowering twigs or grasses, freeing each bloom to flaunt its beauty. Get it here.