A weekend in Bilbao

iGNANT was invited by the Guggenheim Museum to visit Bilbao, to take a closer look not only at two current exhibitions, Riotous Baroque and L’Art en Guerre, but to also experience the breathtaking museums architecture itself. The L’Art en Guerre displays more than 500 works of artists as Alberto Giacometti, Vasily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso, Joseph Steib, Jean Dubuffet and Marcel Duchamp, all created between 1938 and 1947. These selected works recount the depressing state of the French defeat during World War II and how the artists struggled to find aesthetic solutions in order to change the future of art.

Please follow us on a whistle-stop trip to the beautiful capital of the provinces of Bizkaia in the north of Spain and check out a video of our tour here.

[11:00am] I’m about to get on my flight towards Bilbao via Frankfurt, departing from my all-time-favorite Airport Berlin Tegel, when suddenly my flight is cancelled without substitution. After an over one hour lasting wait at the flight desk I can finally board my two hour flight to Bilbao.

[5:00pm] Arrival at the hotel with a gigantic view over the city. Hola Bilbao!!!

[ 6:30pm] Since the official part of the trip starts on Saturday, I still have enough time to have a personal sneak peek of the city on my own account.

[ 7:30pm] About two hours before sundown I have already intuitively found my way to the Guggenheim Museum.

[ 8:30pm] Accompanied by the beautiful evening sun my way takes my towards the historic downtown in search of a nice dinner.

[10:00pm] Sundown in Bilbao.

[ 8:30am] After rising with the sun I grab my camera a step onto the hotel deck.

[10:30am] Visit at the Guggenheim Museum and get-together with the fellow travellers.

[11:30am] Besides the impressive works of Richard Serra, I discover my favourite piece of art, ‘The Spider’, by the incredible Louise Bourgeoise

[ 2:30pm] After lunch at the Guggenheim Museum restaurant I begin my day trip in the pleasent company of Bloggers, Mattia Bernini from Daily Inspiration and Joachim Baan from Another Something & Co.

[11:00am] Since my plane back to Berlin leaves around noon I decide to take advantage of the my remaining time left in Bilbao and visit the Guggenheim Museum on my own to take on last look at the works of Richard Serra, Paul McCarthy and Juergen Teller and many others.

[ 4:00pm] During the last 48h I have had the chance to not only look at some great contemporary art and architecture in Bilbao, but also come across the stunning architecture at the Bilbao airport.

Thank you Guggenheim Museum Bilbao for the kind invitation and Marlen Mueller for the beautiful photography.

Text & pictures by Marlen Mueller