Ezgi Polat

The young Berlin-based photography student Ezgi Polat shows us her day in pictures for ’24 Hours’ presented by Sony NEX-3N. We are with her for 24 hours, follow her to a photo shoot, drink a cup of coffee in the sun and work with her in the darkroom.

Ezgi Polat is a young photography student living and working in Berlin. She enjoys silent moments of mutual understanding when her and her model communicate without using words. Her photography is naturally beautiful and authentic while she is trying to catch fleeting moments that leave us in an almost nostalgic mood. Passion, romance and dreaminess are keywords, describing her photography. She aims to show her models in a situation that feels natural and is not put-on, therefore empathy and understanding are very important for her work. When shooting someone she needs to get to know the person to gain a better understanding of who he or she is. She acts impulsively, bringing together light, mood, surrounding and the person in front of her camera, adding it all up to a harmonic picture.

Her mom gave her her first camera when she was a little girl. She used to take photos of her and her family so Ezgi decided to capture her memories the same way. Thus another big part of her photography is taking pictures of daily situations that show her and her friends while laughing, talking or just hanging out. Ezgi loves working with analogue cameras, but for us she used the Sony NEX-3N camera, capturing 24 hours in the following photographs.

[08:15] The first thing I do every morning: looking out the window, being happy when there is much light, especially when I’ll have an outdoor shoot this day. Shot info: Shot with the SEL-P1650 lense

[09:10] Then I go on with my daily routines, breakfast is the most important meal – when you have enough time for it like me.

[12:00] I meet Sophie and we decide to go to a pretty backyard to take photos at.

Shot info: Shot with Auto Object Framing function

Shot info: Shot with SEL-55210 lense

Shot info: Triluminos color technology

[02:50 pm] Sitting and enjoying the sun while drinking a quick coffee is a must before going in the dark.

[03:30 pm] Arrived at the darkroom, I prepare all chemicals for developing a b/w film from today’s shoot. First I mix the developer, then the fixer.

[04:45 pm] Now it’s time to wait until the film is dried.

[05:15 pm] After I cut the negatives, I have to mix the developer and fixer for the prints too and a further mixture for the stop bath, which is chemical solution that stops the development of the print. The pungent smell makes me feel totally high.

Shot info: Taken with dual noise reduction

[05:40 pm] I begin to make some test strips before I enlarge a print. The fixer makes a photographic image insensitive to light. The final water wash removes residual chemicals from the print. The most exciting part is when you switch the light on to see your result or you are absolutely confused what went wrong.

[06:45 pm] This is the print dryer, which simplifies your work and allows you to go home much earlier.

[06:10 pm] When I leave the darkroom, it’s still clear weather and I use the evening to relax with a friend and a little picnic. Shot info: Tiltable screen allows to shoot from tricky angles

Shot info: Lowlight situation without flash

[09:20 am] The next morning, I can’t wait to scan the color films while having breakfast again!

Thank you very much Ezgi for taking part in our ’24 Hours’ feature. Click here to view her portfolio.