A weekend in Bratislava

iGNANT was invited by Electronic Beats Festival to spend a night in Bratislava and see HURTS, Youth Kills, Agoria and James Pants live. This is what happened on our 24h trip.

[11:00] I love flying around this time. You have an easy start into the day without getting up at 4 am and be completely wasted the whole day!

[11:30] Pierre of Mit Vergnügen agency brought us some Goodie Bags for the trip. I got this Electronic Beats Vinyl for my new turntable.

[11:55] Take off in Berlin Tegel towards Vienna. There we gonna switch in a ferry that brings us to our travel destination Bratislava.

[13:15] Touch Down Vienna. It’ s my first time in the city. We get a transfer to the ferry station downtown.

[13:20] This is Thang of Electru.

[13:55] We arrive in downtown Vienna and have some time to sneak around the near corners of the ferry station. I instantly love the river side which is completly covered by Graffiti and Streetart.

[16:30] We board the ferry and get a nice sightseeing tour on our way.

[17:45]  We arrive in Bratislava and get greeted by some nice eastern architecture.

[18:15] After checking into our hotel I decide to take the hour before dinner and discover the city by myself. I like the raw straight communist architecture in combination with the traditional historic city architecture.

[19:15] We have dinner with the other journalists and the entire Electronic Beats crew. The restaurant is called Zylinder and serves traditional slovak cuisine. Delicious!

[19:25] This is lovely Theresa of the Berlin based blog Artschoolvets.

[20:15] We get a transfer to the festival venue 20 minutes from the city centre and we are curious about the party scene of the slovak capitol.

[22:55] The location is amazing and it’s packed with fans from all over Slovakia. We enjoy the support acts an wait for the main act HURTS.

[23:00] HURTS enter the stage 11pm sharp and kick off their show with some of their hits. Even I recognize their hits like ‘Wonderful Life’.

[00:00] HURTS performed a great concert and the fans really loved them. After some more drinks we are all tired from the long day and excited to fall in our beds finally.

[08:00] We get up early in the morning and everybody is hungover from the last night. Thanks Pierre for providing us with endless coupons for drinks.

[10:00] We enter the ferry back to Vienna and enjoy the sunny weather and fresh air on deck.

[11:45] We are back in Vienna where we have lunch and get the transfer to the airport. Berlin calls us back!

[13:15] We are waiting for our plane back home and try hard not to fall asleep.

[14:15] Take Off in Vienna.

[16:05] We are back on Berlin ground. Thank you Electronic Beats for the invitation and especially to our hosts Pierre and Julia of Mit Vergnuegen. We had a nice short trip to the east and much fun with the whole crew.

Text and Images by Marcus Werner