Mondo Mondo: Master Thiang

Mater Thiang is a former prizefighter, Muay Thai champion and a trainer of combat sports from Thailand. Years ago, the meanwhile 60 year old came to Germany to fight. He stayed out of love – for his wife and later for the country itself. The blog Mondo Mondo meets the former Olympian and European Muay Thai champion in his school of combat sports for a talk. Between the training sessions, the master of Buddhism explains the differences between Thailand and Germany, his secret passion and the compelling story of a fight that led him to Germany and later to the Olympics.

The blog Mondo Mondo meets people living in Germany, originating from various countries and backgrounds for interesting talks, to get to know them and listen to their stories. The blog gives report of these meetings, reflects unique impressions and tells memorable stories out of each persons life.

All images © Lukas Korschan