Ana Kraš

We have been quietly watching Belgrade-born Ana Kraš for some time now. She is working as a product designer, a photographer, and a model. Her presence has an immediate calming influence and so does her work; every detail has a sentimental, inspirational value. Truth and authenticity found in Kraš’s nature, her designs are a reflection of her personality. She works her niche home-ware, using the simplest yet romantic of materials that she finds on the market and has a ‘communication’ with.

‘When I think of furniture, I always think of things that I could make with my own hands’, Kraš says in the interview with The Avant/Garde Diaries. Today she lives in New York and takes us into the private world of her creativity, her studio, her romance, and New York City itself, the metropolis she now calls home. Kraš may be best known for her Bonbon lamps, which keep being produced and photographed yet never lose their charm. Bonbons are a family of lanterns that are named after the candies, and painstakingly made by hand, design jewelry one of a kind. She can ship these well made enchanting lamps anywhere, so if you would like to lighten up the corner of your cozy room make your order in advance.

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