I am packed

What do I pack? This question is always to be asked when it comes to traveling and I AM PACKED are curious about what we all carry in our bags. The home for inspirational packing is a joint venture by Air New Zealandand Post Creative. Their photoblog features the well laid-out and stylish contents of their traveler’s bags with additional information about the person and packed stuff. The concept is simple, it shows how you travel and what you bring on your trip, while you can share these essentials with other travelers.

When I flew with Air New Zealand to Auckland it took me ages to lay out everything neatly for this picture and even more to get the perfect combination of necessity, style and place for small presents to bring back home from my trip around the world. Some of us have special rules and lists what to pack, but seriously theses things can really make your trip.

All images © I AM PACKED