William Miller

Photojournalist William Miller took this pictures with a camera that is, at least by most definitions, completely broken. But: This old Polaroid SX-70 produces this beautiful and abstract pictures by accident. Miller rescued it from a yard sale last year and realized that the camera wasn’t working properly, like spitting out two pictures at a time, the film getting suck in the gears and so on. Luckily he didn’t threw it away and instead began to collaborate with it. The result is always a surprise, determined by the idiosyncrasies of the film and the camera while any intention of the photographer becomes recontextualized inside this new dynamic. Nizam states: ‘What the final photographs show is a picture of the Polaroid process itself frozen in time and plucked out of the camera mid gesture.’

All images © William Miller | Via: Lancia Trendvisions