Passage Buhan


FABRE/deMARIEN transformed an old garage into a single level, one roomed residential dwelling of 41m2 in 5 months. The former garage is situated within the passage Buhan, close to the public square, Stalingrad.

The access to the property was formed by the means of two gates from the streets. The architects created a patio measuring 4m long by 2.20m wide and placed it within the new buildings interior. This space allows both natural lighting and ventilation for the new spacial organisation. The interior was completely hollwed out and then glazed by the patio. In order to clear the largest space possible and to benefit of its varied special qualities despite its size, all the main essential living requirements excluding the kitchen which fronts the passage, is concentrated within a box measuring 3.60m long by 3m wide by 3m high. This box, in its polished finish contains a shower room and its functionaries, the boiler, washing machine, a dressing room, a sofa/bed convertible when needed, an office, storage space, a staircase and a sleeping space above.

All images © FABRE/deMARIEN

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