Un Jour comme un Autre

This beautiful, atmospheric video by french Christophe Thockler for the song ‘Un Jour comme un autre’ by Degiheugi found a great way to combine time lapse sequences and a music video. It deals with the normal things in life, that surround us every day. Thus you can see moving clouds, changing lights and time, climbing a tree. The love to detailed and poetic pictures, urban and nature shots, with a sense of light and atmosphere makes you feel that also small things can be of great interest. Everything was shot with a Canon EOS 60D. The timelapses of sunrises and sunsets are in stop motion. He took a photo every 2, 3, 5 ou 10, seconds over a few hours. ‘The aim was to try something different with the time-lapse technique. It was a huge project to manage and at the same time it was amazing to disconnect from reality and lose myself one month in the wilderness and the fields. More than 35 000 photos, 120 timelapses and 160 hours of shooting for 4 minutes of video’.