Maikkula · Finland

On my last day during my trip to Oulu, Finland I was invited to come to a certain place at the Oulun river side, where a boat would wait for me. Indeed, a typical, wide tar boat lay ashore. I took a seat on one the soft and warm reindeer furs that decorated the boat’s benches. After a long ride upstream, having passed many luxurious mansions, we finally arrived just outside of Oulu, at Maikkula Estate. Dating back to the early 19th century, the complex was once a wealthy landowner’s residence. Today, the buildings are still preserved and address those who seek for a quite special and exclusive way to spend an intimate evening or two.

Besides many different kinds of Finish saunas, Maikkula Estate has a noble restaurant that operates only on a booking basis. The private place has only one but large table and serves some of the finest dishes the region has to offer. While calmly enjoying a wonderful view over the river and the countryside, I had a delicious and sumptuous menu. Fine reindeer carpaccio was served with spinach and a wondrous, delicious curd creme, also salmon from the Oulun river on blanched mangelwurzel. A fine wine menu supplemented the meal, however, the highlight was the local delicacy Kuusenkerkkä, a pine tree liquor served with a small piece of lichen from the surrounding woods. The cook told me that Maikkula Estate was specialized in feasting small groups who seek for extraordinary food and service in a calm and high-class surrounding. Especially wedding parties and groups who meet on other special occasions would find Maikkula. I had to agree: Indeed, this place fit quite well for any exceptional dinner with specially loved ones.

Maikkulan Kartano · Maikkulanrinne 21 · 90240 Oulu

Opening Hours:
by arrangement

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Text & pictures by Matthias Planitzer