Live from LA

Remember standing next to your cassette recorder for hours, creating a mixtape for a beloved person back in the days? You can get that every eight weeks at Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape. They regularly release a free download compilation of music, featuring ten newcomer talents from around the world.

The latest Mixed Tape, ‘Prime Choices’ offers a coulourful bouquet of moods, atmospheres, timbres, beats and musical genres. You’ll also find the music in the video on the mix. Get it here. Artist Sage Vaughn created the cover for the compliation, mixing different shades to visualise the rich mix of passionate sounds as wispy, ephemeral winged creatures who veer a little too close to the light. Follow mb! Magazine to have a look at Vaughn’s LA studio, a disused car wash nesting between romantic suburban idyll and busy highway. The son of a lawyer and psychologist went on a quest to become better at something different than his family members and found the arts. Often populated with fragile creatures in flight, e. g. tender butterflies or wispy moths, the 36-year-old’s canvases might appear naïve or childlike at first glance but at the same time they are striking and just as inimitable and diverse as his avowed fans.

Via: mb! by Mercedes-Benz