iGNANT App Update

The iGNANT App is available since almost two months by now. The resonance and feedback has been quite overwhelming. We gladly noticed that the majority of you liked our latest innovation.

Certainly there is a need for improvement on our firstling and we received numerous emails and comments on it. One of the most popular demands was a landscape mode for the the pictures. So we added this feature and with the updated version you’ll be able to look at pictures in the horizontal view. Furthermore we integrated the category ‘Monifaktur‘ and if you are lucky owner of an iPhone 5 you will no longer be bothered by black bars as the content is shown full-screen.

There were further suggestions, like a zoom function for the photographs. Though we decided not to realize this idea as the pictures in the App are of a rather low resolution and if you zoom them they will look all pixelated. We hope you’ll like the updated version and if something isn’t working as it should, don’t hesitate to drop us an email or leave a comment in the box below. We’ll try to resolve any problem as soon as possible.

Get the iGNANT App here. It is available for download at the App Store for free.