CMK x Siguna Wiehr

It is halftime at Creative Match Kreuzberg. We are already followed six events and have six more joyful nights to come. The last event we attended took place at Edelweiß with an exhibition of artist Siguna Wiehr. We met her for a little talk and had a look at her impressive pictures.

Siguna Wiehr is a painter, originally from Munich, she decided to relocate to Berlin a couple of years ago. Her style reminds of frescos, we see birds, fighting dogs and rats and above all a homogenous, colorful staining. For her, painting is the only real passion that drives her. It touched her coming across a beautiful painting ever since she can remember. Siguna gets inspirations from everyday life. She is walking around with her eyes open and if something seems interesting to her ‘it is elaborating her until she elaborates it’, as she says. For Creative Match Kreuzberg she assembles works from different series such as ‘Die Ratten der Lüfte’ (Rats of Heaven) as well as paintings of lost spaces and works that emerge from drawings and reflect her inner world.

The exhibition is part of Creative Match Kreuzberg 2012. Find the rest of the program here.