When Outrageous Was Possible

Probably every little guy is fantasizing about owning a super-hero like car once being a grown up. For car lover James Chen this dream came true as he is the proud owner of a Lamborghini Countach. Talking to Petrolicious, Chen admits that it might not be the most practical car in the world, due to its complete lack of ergonomics and everyday usability. Though the owner of Axis Wheels, producer of some of the finest rims around, Chen is a petrol-head through and through and it comes as no surprise that he is obsessed with the angular bodywork of his newly acquired car, waxing lyrical about the design and impressionability. Launching back in 1971, the body is so angular and aggressive, it instantly became a classic, and with so few of them around today, they pick up a decent price on the open market too. We can not imagine Chen is going to be selling up soon though.