Jaybo Monk

At the beginning of the week we visited painter Jaybo Monk in his studio in Kreuzberg, Berlin. His little universe unfolds on the first floor of a narrow brick house in a Berlin backyard. When we enter his space, we find ourselves in a world filled with color, canvas, spray paint and plenty of other utensils.

Jaybo is just standing on a wooden wall, working on a picture, framed by two spotlights providing enough light. There is no radiator in the studio and Jaybo describes how he tries to keep his hands warm using a blow dryer during winter. Originally he is from France, born in Paris ‘by accident’ as he tells us. Back in the days he came to Berlin out of love for a woman and decided to stay. For Jaybo, painting is like an escape from daily life and reality, a desire for dreaming, ‘first of all I wanted to draw’. That was how he got to do graphic design and graffiti. Today he tries to go back to his roots, thus concentrates on painintg since about seven years by now. He is filling the canvas with an unexpected, chaotic beauty that takes shape in feminine bodies or animals, in faces and twisted legs, in smiles and grimaces. Afterwards, Jaybo breaks in with his hazardous brushstrokes, taking the risk of messing up the work and making mistakes, but at the same time this risk is a chance to let the unexpected happen and realize that an apparent mistake has turned into something beautiful.

Tonight Jaybo will attend Creative Match Kreuzberg and show his art at FEED, Berlin. You should be prepared for the unexpected. Jaybo aims to not always repeat himself but rather try something new, be creative, ‘find solutions’ as he says. We can’t wait to see what will happen and hope we’ll meet you there.

FEED · Hobrechtstr. 65, Hinterhaus, Etage 4 · 12047 Berlin
U-Bahnhof Hermannplatz · ab 21 Uhr

The event is part of Creative Match Kreuzberg 2012. Find the rest of the program here.