Tag The Night With Light

Adidas Originals is currently calling for crews to share and spread their creative work, using the hashtag #REPRESENT. Recently they staged an urban Laser-Graffiti Tour, travelling the length of the country; from Berlin to Leipzig and Hamburg to Frankfurt. ‘Tag The Night With Light’ was the slogan for the event and that is exactly what it was about; to tag the walls of the cities with what you have to say, to share and to communicate to others. People could send messages and tags via online widget, they projected them on huge building fronts and showed true crew love.

If you are member of a creative crew, apply for the #REPRESENT competition. Adidas Originals is looking for the most original and creative people to represent them. No matter if you skate, make music, paint or do graffiti, if you are a crew, you can join the contest. There will be three finalists travelling to Berlin, the winner team will have the possibility to realise their dream project with adidas. You can find all details here.