Keeping Current with the Past

The Avant/Garde Diaries introduce us to Scott Campbell who is the proprietor of Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn. But he’s also an established artist known for his fascinating works on paper, laser cut ‘currency’ artworks, and intricate designs on ostrich shells. For him being avant-garde means to never repeat yourself and dare to be different, like his friends Justin Cox, aka Kray, and Kenan Juska. Together they form ‘Chances With Wolves’. Every Monday night, these two can be found in the storefront studios of East Village Radio jamming out some of the funkiest, freakiest soul and R&B music you’ve never heard of. Which is precisely the point. The guys almost never repeat a song, and yet their ability to unearth the most obscure gems from the proverbial vaults is never in question. It is amazing to see how passionate they are, how they are hooked on old cuts, and that they’ve got no plans to stop digging.

Via: Avant/Garde Diaries