One day in Florence

Mamma mia! Ciao from Bella Italia! iGNANT was invited by Mercedes-Benz to Florence. We found Formaggi, Proscuitto, Chianti, the beautiful Tuscan countryside, Gelato and Sun – short La Bella Vita.

[05:30] Much earlier than usual my alarm clock rings, because today I’m facing a 24-hour trip to Florence.
[05:45] After a quick shower, I pack my remaining things: bag, notebook and sunglasses as the warm italian sun will hopefully await me there.

[06:15] I’m taking the train towards Berlin Tegel airport.
[07:10] I arrive way too early at the airport, but now I still have enough time for the check-in, for the duty-free area, and to get me a couple of magazines for the flight.
[08:35] Departure. On the flight I’m accompanied by a small rainbow to bring me to the cradle of the Renaissance.

[10:30] Short stopover in Munich.
[12:05] Arrival in Florence. Being welcomed by the Mercedes-ladies I’m meeting up with all the other journalists and bloggers, including Jean from NOTCOT and Josh from Cool Hunting, both from the U.S.

[12:30] After a short briefing we start directly with the test drive of the new CLS Shooting Brake. Kim from Designlovr sits next to me on our 2.5 hour drive, where we are passing endless olive groves, small forests that invite you for a walk and vast vineyards. We drive past Greve, capital of the wine region of Chianti, synonym for italian red wine and enjoyment.

[15:00] We take a little break at the beautiful castle ‘Castello di Casole’. There we experience italian food at its best and get a short product briefing. I stroll through the castle rooms, to discover an inviting swimming pool and a very friendly bartender.

[17:00] We make our way back to Florence. Here a short visualization of the journey. That’s how it looks like if you let your pen be guided by the mountainous countryside of Tuscany…

[19:30] After many insights and great views on the changing landscape of Tuscany, we are welcomed royally at the ‘St. Regis Florence’ Hotel – with many embellishment, but authentic charm.

[19:45] I’m testing the various functions of my bathroom, and yes, my bathroom mirror has an integrated TV. So if I’m ever getting bored brushing teeth, I know what to do.

[19:55] I catch a fast glance out of my room before going to dinner.

[20:00] From the roof terrace of the ‘St. Regis Hotels’ I enjoy the mild Italian air and the 360° round-view of Florence by night with all the other bloggers.
[22:00] With fine italian wine and amusing conversations we close the evening.

[01:00] On my way home I get lost in this labyrinth of stairs in my sumptuous hotel, losing time and space, as well as my shoe on the last step.

[02:00] Buonanotte! After a exhausting day, it is now time to take a rest. I dream of winemaking equipment, with rainbow colored liquid flowing from their taps and being an engine of our ship at the same time. We float up and down the river and in the end strand on a black and white checkered island, where locals feed us with ice-cream.

[07:00] Ring. Ring. The alarm bell rings and the night in this gorgeous bed was definitely too short. When I open my eyes, I find myself next to this little surprise on my pillow. This makes getting up much easier.

[07:45] A quick and delicious Italian coffee to come to life.

[08:30] And there we go with a rapid and vigorous city tour through Florence. Nowhere in the world are so many artworks in such a confined space, while Florence is home to more than ten percent of all Italian monuments. Because of its cultural importance and density of visual art, they called it ‘Italian Athens’. Here are some impressions:

[10:00] Time to go back to the airport. Actually, I’m too tired and would prefer to take a little nap in the spacious trunk. But we need to get our flight, so I catch a short glimpse out of the trunk and off we go.

[11:00] Florence gives us one last beautiful view.

[12:00] Departure back to Berlin. And how could it be otherwise, with a rainbow in the luggage. A presto Italia!

Many thanks to Mercedes-Benz who cared for our elegant escort and enabled us to experience exciting 24 hours in Florence.

Text & pictures by Anke Nunheim