iGNANT App 1.0

We´ve waited a long time, worked on it for months and tried to bring it to perfection in numerous meetings. And today is the day of the final release: We couldn’t be more excited, happy and proud to present our first, very own iGNANT app!

With the installation of the app on your iPhone or iPod you’ll receive fresh new articles, portraits and photo series, connecting the physical reality with a virtual univers of extraordinary things. Our column ‘iGNANTravel’ will show you special places beyond standarized tourist traps and ‘Work in Progress’ is giving insights into the lifes of artists, photographers and designers. All other categories, such as architecture, art and design are of course also available. Furthermore the app is offering the possibility to browse through an endless collection of pictures using the mosaic or save articles in your personal favorites and share them with your friends on Facebook/Twitter.

The baby weighs 2,1 MB and we hope you’ll have plenty of fun with it. We’d like to thank the developer Claudiu-Vlad Ursache. He was patience enough to work on hundreds of change requests over months and always managed to bring them to perfection. If you are looking for a talented programmer we can highly recommend Claudiu! Furthermore we are happy to thank mb! by Mercedes-Benz for the cooperation and for supporting the iGNANT app.

Although we put a lot of effort in it we still wouldn’t be surprised if there might be the one or other little mistake. In that case we would appreciate your help. Just leave a comment in this post or write an e-mail. We are very keen on your feedback. Who would like to support us can rate the app in the app store.

The iGNANT App is available to download for free in the app store: