Gängeviertel · Hamburg

In ancient times ‘Gängeviertel’ described a living quarter in the center of Hamburg, where people lived in very cramped conditions, houses were built very closely to each other and were often only accessible through labyrinthine backyards, small gateways or long corridors. The area is a remnant of the Middle Ages which shrunk to approximately twelve houses, situated in Valentinskamp, Hamburg. In 2009 over a hundred artists saved the buildings from being torn off. Since then a group of different creatives took over and turned the ‘Gängeviertel’ to what it is today. A colorful mixture of different people, living and working in the historic spaces. In the area, situated right next to commercial buildings and business premises you´ll find a diverse oasis that is filled with art, culture, love and passion. People regularly host different exhibitions, concerts, partys, readings or chill out evenings in a laid-back atmosphere. As a synthesis of the arts it merges corridors, buildings and backyards to one giant playground, ready to be explored.

Gängeviertel · Valentinskamp 39
 · 20354 Hamburg

Opening hours Info Store:
Tue – Sun 15 – 17

Mail: info(at)das-gaengeviertel.info · Web: www.das-gaengeviertel.info

Text & pictures by Caroline Kurze