Pepper steak with salad and pea mint puree

Yesterday my friend Marlen came over to Aicuisine and after a wonderful summer day I decided for a quick and easy summer menu, because we were both starving after a long long day. Being a photographer herself she now and then grabbed my camera and took a few pictures of me preparing the food. Thank you for that!

Here is the very simple recipe:


Pea Puree

150g peas
2 tsp mint jelly or fresh mint
1-2 tsp grated ginger
pepper + salt
100ml milk

Summer Salad

1 mango
2 peaches
5 white mushrooms
1 garlic
1 fennel
1 red raddish
orange olive oil
sherry vinegar
pepper + salt


100ml cream
cherry apple juice
pepper + salt
1 tsp corn starch

4 pepper steaks

The preparation is super simple! Heat peas with milk, grater ginger and spices and after 5min of cooking mash into a creamy purree! Add some cream to make it more fluffy! For the summer salad cut everything into pieces and slices and season with olive oil, sherry vinergar and salt + pepper. For the sauce mix cream, juice and spices and leave a bit of the cream to mix with the tsp corn starch. Heat the mix and if it starts boiling add the corn starch mix, stir a bit and take off heat. Roast the steak from both sides, let it rest for 5 minutes and serve! Ready is your super light summer meal!

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