25h Hotel · Hamburg

If you wish for true harbor feeling when visiting Hamburg, you should stay at 25h Hotel. From my window, I can hear the seagulls, watch huge boats landing and taking off again and see the blue of the water. My room reminds me on a cozy bunk, although there is a little more comfort as I doubt my friends at sea have flatscreen and free WiFi. I am also glad to announce you won´t die of scurvy as there is plenty of fresh food provided by the in-house restaurant with the beautiful name ‘Heimat’ (which means home). On my wall I can find seaman´s sayings and the minibar is calling out ‘being thirsty is worse than feeling homesick’. I even got a cuddly toy and a hot-water bag that you can also buy in the little Mare Kiosk alongside with funny cards, souveniers and other accessories.

The hotel is very modern, though suitable for all ages. You will find a sauna at the rooftop as well as a cozy lounge, the vinyl room, where you can listen to tons of records. You can play old video games, plan your trip on the computer tables and refresh after your morning workout at the ‘Jogging Corner’. Furthermore is a genuine fright container in the entrance hall providing space for meetings. The hotel is situated right in the modern Harborcity, surrounded by modern architecture and interesting buildings. The 25h Hotel is perfect for everyone looking for a special experience with a maritime flair.

25Hours Hotel Hafencity · Überseeallee 5 · 20457 Hamburg

Tel: 0049-(0)40 25 77 77 0 · Mail: hafencity@25hours-hotels.com · Web: www.25hours-hotels.com

Text & pictures by Caroline Kurze