Fjäderholmarna · Stockholm

In Stockholm you can already find a lot of green and nature but I want more and so I am hitting to Fjäderholmarna by boat, which is an island 20 minutes out on the sea from Stockholm. On the island I find small red and white swedish houses just like I remember them from my Astrid Lindgreen memories. Furthermore gentle hills, a rocky coast and a lot of the anticipated green as well as a couple of birds brooding on the earth. My secret wish to live in a cabin far away from everything and to spend the rest of my life barefoot pops up in my head again. When you walked half the way around the island –which is taking less then 10 minutes- you will find a tiny village where different manufacturers are located such as a blacksmith, a glassblower as well as people working with wood and ceramics. After I explored most of the island I take a rest on a stone at the seaside and eat my sandwiches. A lot of Swedish people also come here in the weekend to have picnic and relax in the nature.

How to get there:
From April 28 – Sep 9 2012, every hour by boat

Tel: 08 – 718 01 00 · Web:

Text & pictures by Caroline Kurze