Grilled Fennel Mushroom Steak Sandwich

Todays Aicuisine recipe is quite simple with some character in the details. The list of ingredients for 2 people is quite short. All you need are 4 slices of white bread, preferrably french country bread, butter, grated carrots, 2 steak, fennel, mushrooms and 4 slices cheese, I recommend sharp cheese, like Cheddar or Gruyere. Pepper, salt, parsley and sugar are the spices you need. You will also need a Bunsen burner, but more on that later.

Cover the bread with some butter and put the grated carrots on it. Cut the Fennel into its layers and start roasting it at medium heat, after a few minutes add the mushrooms and spice with pepper, salt and parsley. Roast for another 5-10 minutes. In the meantime grill the steaks with a bit salt and pepper to you preferred grade. After I bought this Bunsen burner the other day for Creme Brulee I always wanted to use it on meat, too. So I decided to caramelise the steak from one side. Just put sugar (I used orange ginger sugar to spice it up a bit) on a side and burn until the sugar gets brown.

Now layer everything on the bread, finish with the cheese and put the sweet side of the steak against the fennel as the 2 together make a wonderful taste! Now grill the sandwich (I always use my waffle iron for that which works pretty well!) until the bread is golden brown and the cheese melts. Now serve and enjoy!

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