WIN! Third Wave Coffee Set

Lars Huse is a young Norwegian illustrator and as he calls himself a super coffee-geek. Combining his two passions, drawing and coffee, Lars has made a pretty awesome debut as an author coming up with his book ‘A-Z Coffee’. We call this book the first official guide for the Third Wave Coffee Culture, he calls it ‘A kick-starter for geeky coffee conversations’. Either way, it is worth reading it! The new coffee brand Green Cup Coffee is the only German online-shop selling this limited work and we are happy about the fact that we can draw one copy among the readers of iGNANT. Of course you can´t read such a book properly without having an excellent cup of coffee at your fingertips. That is why Green Cup Coffee has added a complete Third Wave Coffee Set for grand coffee cooking at home.

So if you want to try exceptional coffee while reading an entertaining book about the new way of coffee, please just leave a comment here. Everyone who participates will take part in the drawing of one complete Third Wave Coffee Set including the book of Lars Huse. The winner will be selected randomly, he/she will be announced here on June 18th.


‘A-Z Coffee’ Buch

Kaffee Santa Marta Special Edition

Green Cup Coffee Tasse inkl. Untertasse

Hario Drip Decanter

Simón Coll Vollmilchschokolade

4 Dosen Bio-Rohrzucker von Le chou