The Superlative Journey

iGNANT was invited to record typical sounds of our hometown Berlin creating ‚The Sound of your City’. Besides us, other bloggers around the world like Cool Hunting from New York or Freshnet from Stockholm were asked to follow the task.

Usually I am thinking very little about the sounds surrounding me, except they are keeping me from sleep at night. So it is even more interesting to consciously listen to the humming, the crackling, rustling, buzzing and random noises surrounding me in urban space every day. My day is starting with a jackhammer on the building site in front of my door. Not quite anything special as it feels like Berlin is one giant building site sometimes. Walking down the stairs I note the cracking sound of the old staircase as well as the bell of the tram passing the street. Also pretty familiar sounds in Berlin. Heading towards the ‚Türkenmarkt at ‚Maybachufer’ two ambulances are crossing my way, calling attention with the loud noises of their sirens. At the market merchants are yelling prices and a young street musician is trying to earn some coins. In the evening there is some more music reaching my ears in a club. The booming sound of a bass coming out of clubs and bars is part of Berlin just as our Currywurst or the little ‚Ampelmann’. To wrap it up, these are the most familiar sounds to me, thinking of Berlin, coming along in my everyday life. You can listen to my Berlin sounds here and get some Berlin spirit into your ears. The sounds of the other contestants from Paris, Stockholm, Los Angeles, New York and Rom are also available.

The whole thing is part of a current co-operation called ‘The Superlative Journey‘ of car manufacturer smart and fashion brand WeSC. Together they developed earphones which are available in 28 WeSC Shops around the world and in the WeSC Online Shop. The price is 80 EUR per piece.