Kaap Skil

Kaap Skil by ‘Mecanoo architecten’ maritime and beachcombers museum, on the Dutch Wadden Island of ‘Texel’ will open its doors. In addition to two new exhibitions, the museum building designed by the Dutch office ‘Mecanoo architecten’, will house a café and offices. The audience of Kaap Skil is taken 400 years back in time, when the fleet of the Dutch East India Company would set its anchor at the ‘Reede van Texel’ (the offshore anchorage of Texel) before sailing off to the Orient. The showpiece of the museum is an eighteenmetre long, four-metre deep model of the ‘Reede van Texel’, displaying in great detail the impressive spectacle of the dozens of ships anchored off the coast of the Wadden Island.

All images © Mecanoo architecten | Via: designboom