Simon Harsent

Simon Harsent porträtiert in seiner Serie ‘Melt’ Eisberge auf ihrem Weg von der Küste Grönlands nach Neufundland. Groß und imposant beginnen sie ihre Route um am Ende zerklüftet und auf einen Bruchteil ihrer ursprünglichen Größe geschmolzen an ihrem Ziel anzukommen.

‘This portfolio begins with images of the massive icebergs as they enter Greenland’s Disco Bay from the Ilulissat Icefjord; it ends with the icebergs off the East Coast of Newfoundland, by which time they have travelled hundreds of miles, and have been so battered and broken down that they are little more than ghosts of what they once were. Seeing them first overpowering in grandeur and then, later, about to be absorbed back into the flux from which they came, is both beautiful and humbling: a metamorphosis that endows them with a life-span, each with it’s own personality, each with it’s own story.’

All images © Simon Harsent