I.TV: Bruno Kolberg & Bella Berlin

Die nächste THE AVANT/GARDE DIARIES Folge steht an. Wir haben an einem sonnigen Nachmittag den Grafiker, Künstler und Designer Bruno Kolberg in seinem Atelier in Berlin Schöneberg besucht, wo er uns einen Einblick in seine Arbeitswelt gegeben hat. Zum Thema ‘Avantgarde’ fiel ihm Bella Berlin ein, die für ihre extravaganten Auftritte als lebende Discokugel bekannt ist. Aufgrund eines ausgefallenen Zuges trafen wir Bella spontan in der Nähe des Berliner Hauptbahnhofs. Dort erzählte sie uns im Interview wie ihre Karriere im Nachtleben begann, was sie heute macht und wie ihre Auftritte als lebende Discokugel aussehen.

Bruno Kolberg was born in Kreuzberg, which makes him one of the few true Berliners left among the creative freelancers in the city. The autodidact works as a graphic designer, illustrator and tape artist and founded the studio Sueper Design together with fellow artist Bodo Hoebing.

“In a visual sense,” Bruno says “avant-garde, are things that are new, that amaze you, that move you when you see them”. That’s what he experienced when he saw the living disco ball-performance by Bella Berlin for the first time. “I was in a in a small illegal club when suddenly lasers flashed up and she came on stage in her disco ball outfit. The room fell silent and everyone was stunned because nobody there has ever seen anything like this before.”

The girl in the disco ball costume is native Berliner “Bella Berlin”, co-founder of music label R.O.T. that among others produced German band MIA. After ten years in the music business she realized that she wanted to move on and developed several dance performances. When dancing on stage with her tight suit covered all over with small mirrors, she becomes another person. Bella says that she has several personalities, but her disco-ball character is probably her most famous one. “I am art,” she claims and it becomes visible: When she rhythmically moves her body to electronic music so the reflecting laser-lights turn her body into a kaleidoscope connecting darkness and light, she absorbs herself totally in her alter ego and evokes a truly magical atmosphere.

Credits: Clemens Poloczek (Kamera/Schnitt), Marcus Werner (Kamera), Björn Baasner (Kamera), BUNNYSTRIPES (Musik)