Justin Lee Williams

Der Künstler Justin Lee Williams lebt seit mehreren Jahren alleine in einer kleinen Holzhütte in den Mountains of Victoria im unberührten Australien. Je länger er nun in den Wäldern wohnt, so sagt er, beginnt er sich mehr und mehr von der alltäglichen Gesellschaft zu distanzieren und die eigenartige Stimmung der Abgeschottenheit in seiner Kunst zu verarbeiten.

‘I am isolated enough out hear to not have to fit into daily society. I guess its been nice to have the chance to choice wether to enter into that world, which is becoming more and more distant for me, the longer I live in the Forrest.

It really has a mood to this place: its dark and creepy, but at the same time beautiful. You cant help but let it consume you. I try to let this creep into the works, the history of the mountains, with its cults and odd people that are around hear, and also the beautiful. Sometimes I just sit outside, it’s so still and quiet, that you can get so into your own thoughts. I always worry about going insane, but then, if you really listen, there is so much life.’

All images © Justin Lee Williams