Elias Carlson

Der 28-jährige Elias Carlson lebt und arbeitet in Seattle, USA. Während seiner Flitterwochen vor drei Jahren entdeckte Carlson seine Leidenschaft für die Fotografie. Zunächst arbeitete er mit digitalen Kameras, tauschte diese aber nach kurzer Zeit gegen analoge aus. Dies begründet Carlson folgendermaßen:

‘First of all, I am enamored of old cameras. They feel solid and at home in my hands. I like the idea that I’m holding a piece of history. Secondly, I much prefer the qualities of film over digital. There is something sterile and cold about digital photography that rubs me the wrong way. With the latitude offered by RAW, and Photoshop it’s often hard to tell if someone has artificially altered their work. I suppose it’s the authenticity of film that appeals to me, it seems disingenuous to artificially enhance a photo. Third, I enjoy the delayed gratification of film photography, the anticipation of each new roll and the wonders it might hold. I also love the mechanical nature of old SLRs, loading and unloading a fresh roll, inhaling that oddly intoxicating chemical smell, and fondling the various chrome knobs and buttons.’

All images © Elias Carlson