Crane Light

Andrew Neyer ist freischaffender Designer, Artdirector und Illustrator aus Cincinnati, Ohio. Neben seiner Kunst entwirft er auch Möbel und Wohnaccessoires, wie diese Lampe namens ’Crane Light’. Eine um 180° drehbare Konstruktion bestehend aus einer schlanken Stahlstange, einem langen zum Stangenende hin spitz verlaufenden Kabel und einer überdurchschnittlich großen Glühbirne in puristischer Fassung. Neyer hat uns die Entstehungsgeschichte seines Designs wie folgt beschrieben:

‘Originally I set out to design a sleek modular light that could be adapted into different environments and, most of all, was affordable. I began designing ways to incorporate the cord into the design both in form and function to avoid having to hardwire a fixture. I wanted the light to have the qualities of a scone and a pendant light while being able to pivot 180º. After many revisions I arrived at something similar to the end design. I continued to simplify the design until it could be packaged inside of a mailing tube to allow for low cost and efficient shipping. The other benefit to this design is that the light’s height can be adjusted to accommodate various settings vs. having a fixed bulb on the end of a swinging sconce.’

All images © Andrew Neyer | Via: Design Milk