INTERVIEW | Dylan DeRose

Dylan DeRose thematisiert in ihren Fotografien gesellschaftliche Phänomene, wie zum Beispiel die typisch amerikanischen Shows und Wettbewerbe rund um das Thema ’Haustier’. Mit einem Hauch von Ironie dokumentiert sie in ihrer aktuellen Fotoserie ’Cat Fanciers Association’ die Beziehung zwischen Katzen und deren Besitzern.

Hello Dylan, today we would like to talk about you and your work as a photographer. When did you start becoming interested in photography?
I started shooting about a year and half ago. About one year ago I bought an old AE-1 from a goodwill and fell in love. SInce then i’ve shot strictly with film.

Do you do something else besides photography?
As an artist I’d hate to limited to just photography. Right now I’ve been really passionate about building online artist communities. I’m working hard on the rebranding of my schools photo club. Also I’m about to launch a site called ‘Tomorrow’s Fevers’, which will be an archive of in depth interviews of prominent artists within Savannah, GA.

How would you discribe your series ’Cat Fanciers Association’ and what were your ambitions to shoot it?
I’m really interested in letting my perception create visual narratives for how a culture functions. For this series, I took that interest and applied to exploring the relationships between cats and their owners within the world of competitive cat shows.

When you produce a series, how do you develop your ideas and what do you want to tell or express with your pictures?
When I’m shooting for a documentary I go in blindly. I want to have no previous idea of how the culture functions. I just shoot what I think is interesting and quirky. Then the following days I reflect on my experience and organize the pictures to best describe the ideas I came to.

A typical day in your life – how would it look like?
Well It’s summer right now. So, I wake up around noon, bike around, then shoot some photos. It’s all gonna change once school starts though.

Do you have any artist or photographer you admire?
Martin Parr, Charlie Curran, Rosario Edwards, and Bryce Milburn.

What inspires you the most?
Whatever point my mind is at in that moment in time.

Some real fantastic and very personal pictures can be seen on your homepage. If you have to discribe yourself by choosing a movie, which movie would reveal something about you as a private person?
I would hate to describe my life through someone else’s art. But, if I had to maybe…..Robocop. Yeah! Robocop!

Where do you want to see yourself as a photographer in three years?
Traveling the world and sustaining a life off of creativity.

All images © Dylan DeRose