Der ‘Polargraph’ ist eine automatische Zeichenmaschine von dem englischen Designer Sandy Noble. Auf Ausstellungen werden die Bilder live vor Ort gemalt und für 10-50 Pfund verkauft. Wer an der technischen Umsetzung interessiert ist, bekommt hier eine kurze Erklärung von ihm.

‘The whole system is fairly technologically agnostic, but the current incarnation uses an Arduino microcontroller and an Adafruit Motorshield, along with a couple of stepper motors. The application that drives it from the computer is written in Processing. It decodes a bitmap and creates a map of the file using a polar coordinates system, recording pixel position, size and brightness. The hardware requests each pixel in turn, and renders it on the page using it’s own shading and movement algorithms.

I’m experimenting with the rigging and the gondola all the time, trying to find the best way to hold a pen stable to let me draw reasonably quickly and accurately. I’m using bristol board and smooth cartridge paper to draw on (bristol board doesn’t come in A1 sizes), with Sharpie markers, Kuretake ZIG Writers and ZIG Millennium pens and UNIPIN fineliners for fine stuff.’

All images © Sandy Noble | Via: Creative Journal