Osma Harvilahti

Ein weiteres Interview aus der ARCADEMI Reihe inklusive kurzem Einblick in das sehenswerte Portfolio von dem talentierten Fotografen und Soziologie Studenten Osma Harvilahti aus Helsinki, Finnland.

Please introduce yourself:
I’m a 27 years old photographer and sociology student from Helsinki, Finland. My main interests are photography, good food & wine.

Let’s imagine you were a dinner menue, what would be served tonight?
Something honest, delicious and colorful. Nothing too cheesy or tricky. Slowfood.

Why did you move to the place you are currently living?
I’m currently living in the Etu-Töölö- district of Helsinki. I really like the small restaurants and bars in the area + it’s perfectly situated close to everything interesting in Helsinki. I moved here from Kallio cause I needed some extra sq meters. Kallio is perfect for drinking and other fun stuff…

What is your most beloved and exercised ritual?
I wiggle my toes every morning until I’m fully awake.

Is there currently something overestimated in your opinion?
3D movies and heavily processed photography.

What do your parents think of your choice of profession?
My mother is a photographer and my father is a scientist, so I think that they´re just fine with a photographing sociologist.

All images © Osma Harvilahti