Debra Folz

ARCADEMI Nummer 19 präsentiert euch heute die Designerin Debra Folz aus Boston. Sie gestaltet außergewöhnliche Möbel und Accessoires, in denen sie häufig spezielle Textilien und Stickereien verarbeitet.

Please introduce yourself:
Originally from Long Island New York, I draw inspiration from the materials, natural systems, and livelihoods of coastal communities as well as early childhood activities of embroidery and handcrafts. A background in commercial interior design, paired with a more hands on and introspective studio furniture practice has led me to a place in-between art, design, and craft. I see no boundaries between disciplines and their assigned material identities and am most excited by unexpected material behavior or the unconventional interpretation of everyday objects. The invitation to encounter my work comes through user activation, a connection to traditional handcrafts, or a universal understanding of natural forms and physical behavior.

Why did you move to the place you are currently living?
A teaching opportunity brought me back to Boston following the completion of my Maters last summer. I am happy to participate in and contribute to what I believe to be a highly creative and emerging design community here in Boston.

What is your most beloved and exercised ritual?
That would be embroidery of any kind. My work explores the application of textile techniques to furniture forms, the repetitive activity of which I find extremely relaxing!

Is there currently something overestimated in your opinion?

What do your parents think of your choice of profession?
I am extremely fortunate to have a family who would support me in whatever profession I chose, and they are most pleased that I am doing something that makes me happy everyday.

All images © Debra Folz