Antti Pulli

Heute zieht es uns bis nach Helsinki, die Hauptstadt Finnlands, wo der Designer Antti Pulli lebt und arbeitet. Er gewährt uns einen Blick in sein großartiges Portfolio und hat sich zudem bereit erklärt unseren Fragebogen auszufüllen.

Please introduce yourself.
A young Finnish designer from Helsinki, Finland with wide interests in the furniture and industrial product fields with a passion for material knowledge and function. Currently based in Helsinki where pursuing a degree in industrial design from Aalto University.

Let’s imagine you were a dinner menue, what would be served tonight?
A nice lively aperitive continued with some great pasta. I love Italian food!

Why did you move to the place you are currently living?
I moved to Helsinki to study at the Aalto University’s School of Art & Design department.

What is your most beloved and exercised ritual?
Making a good cup of espresso first thing in the morning to start my day.

Is there currently something overestimated in your opinion?
Sure, for example trendy consumerism as a way of life.

What do your parents think of your choice of profession?
They are very supportive which is just great!

All images © Antti Pulli