Minna Palmqvist

ARCADEMI die 15.! Heute mit ausführlichem Interview, zahlreichen Bildern und zwei Videos mit bzw. von der finnländischen Modedesignerin Minna Palmqvist.

Please introduce yourself.
I was born in the Åland Islands in Finland, but now live and work in Stockholm since almost 6 years. I have a master degree from Konstfack College of Arts Crafts and Design and I run my own conceptual fashion brand, obsessed with the perfection and imperfection of the female body. I investigate the clash between the socially accepted body within fashion and the true, fleshy bodies we actually have, in different medias through my design project Intimately Social, which started in 2007.

Let’s imagine you were a dinner menue, what would be served tonight?
Me as a dinner menue would probably be a real mess… Based on my design it would probably be fleshy meat and beetroot cream with melted butter to cover it all. Not so tasty, but esthetically appealing!

Why did you move to the place you are currently living?
I moved to Stockholm when I was accepted to do my master degree at Konstfack in 2005. Then I just stayed. I have made some fantastic friends and contacts here during these years, and I also have a studio I love.

What is your most beloved and exercised ritual?
I wish I had a crazy ritual to share with you, but I don’t I’m afraid. If sleeping doesn’t count as a ritual? Maybe that’s more of a vice?

Is there currently something overestimated in your opinion?
Shopping for the sake of shopping is always overestimated.

What do your parents think of your choice of profession?
My dad being a captain and my mom a midwife, my choice of profession is quite far off from their world, but my parents have always been really supportive through my neurotic, creative ups and downs. I think they are quite proud I decided to go with what I really wanted to do, actually. But maybe a bit worried about my economic future, which I can’t really blame them for.

All images © Minna Palmqvist