Rachel de Joode

Zuerst möchten wir uns ganz herzlich bedanken, dass ihr vergangene Woche geholfen habt einen neuen Fragebogen für diese Kategorie zu erstellen. Es waren einige gute Fragen dabei, die ab dem kommenden Monat hier auftauchen werden. In der heutigen Ausgabe steht uns die niederländische Künstlerin Rachel de Joode Rede und Antwort.

Please introduce yourself.
I am a Dutch artist living and working in Berlin. I try to decipher human existence through sculpture, installation, performance and photography. I seek to portray the otherworldliness in the most profane aspects of our world.

Let’s imagine you were a dinner menue, what would be served tonight?
….mmmhhhhh….. a fish bbq outside in nature, I guess at the beach with a full moon the sounds of the sea and some humming insects, the smell of fire and suntanlotion on a sun-infused skin. A fresh salad, a nice crispy baguette, a french wine…….

Why did you move to the place you are currently living?
This was actually not a determination of being here (in Berlin), but, rather being a determination of not being where I was (in Amsterdam) and ending up here and then, staying!

What is your most beloved and exercised ritual?
My most exercised rituals are dull (making coffee, brushing teeth, you name it…..). But my most loved ritual is taking a long bath in the middle of a normal working-day, it gives me a sense of luxurious freedom to be able to do this. (I guess this happens once a week orso) And what I really love is, when I have time, I love laying still and flat on my back on my wooden floor for an hour or two, not moving listening to really depressing songs.

Why do you love what you are doing, do you?
I love being free and being able to stay curious about things. Most people turn so flat and boring, I like that I choose not to be like that, I know I’m a walking cliche but: I don’t wanna ‘grow up’. And sometimes when I clay a fried egg or when I am somewhere in an edge-off-the-world china store buying some weird ready mades for an art-piece I get an extreme overwhelmingly happy feeling that I stand there and that this is my work and that it really works!

Let’s take this chance to blame someone for something right here.
I don’t like the idea of blaming anybody. When, then: blame it on the rainlike milli vanilli did – rain sucks.

All images © Rachel de Joode