#21 bumbumbum

Lang, lang ist es her, seit die letzte Behind the Blog Ausgabe erschienen ist. Genauer gesagt ziemlich genau sechs Monate. Nach dem groß gefeierten 20. Jubiläum war ich mir unsicher, ob es mit der Kategorie überhaupt weitergehen soll.

Da aber immer wieder Mails in meinem Posteingang landen, in denen die Leute fragen, wann es endlich weitergeht, habe ich entschlossen (fast) pünktlich zum Relaunch die Serie fortzuführen.

Nummer 21 featured das Kunst- und Design Blog bumbumbum von Cecilie aus Kopenhagen. Es ist mir ehrlich gesagt ein Rätsel warum ich sie erst jetzt gefragt habe bei Behind the Blog mitzumachen. Seit einer gefühlten Ewigkeit besuche ich täglich die Seite und finde immer wieder außergewöhnliche Fotos, Skulpturen und Installationen, die dann in der Regel auch sofort bei iGNANT gepostet werden.

What is the meaning of the name “bumbumbum”?
In Danish bumbumbum is something we say, when we don’t know what to say. And while writing down names for my new blog, I was saying bumbumbum whenever my mind went blank. I talked to my sister and we talked over some names. When I said bombombom she said, ”That’s it! Although it must be bumbumbum – with a u.” And that was it. We decided on bumbumbum.

What was the impulse to start a blog?
About a year and a half ago, I found myself having a lot of excess time in my job as a graphic designer and therefore also a lot of unused energy. A blogger friend of mine thought I was great at finding stuff and interesting links, so she encouraged me to start my own blog. And since I’ve always had a curious nature, and an urge to always learn more and discover new things, it proved to be the right thing to do. The ever growing responses from readers, gives me a thrill and joy that makes me keep going.

What do you do for a living?
I just started my freelance business as a graphic designer/DTP and also as a blogger/consultant.

How is your daily routine?
I get up, have my very important breakfast and then off to work. The first thing I do is to publish my first blog post of the day.

Then I check my blogs – I follow and read around 200 blogs a day. So that takes a while. But I have a system set up, so I save time and am able to do it throughout the day as it suits me.

In the afternoon I publish my second blog post – I aim to have around two posts a day. Throughout the day I blog, tweet and keep my self up-to-date. After work it’s often off to the gym or dinner with my boyfriend. And in the evening it’s blog-making-time for tomorrows posts.

Your future plans?
Right now my aim is to build up my new business and see where my blog-skills lead me.

Your top 5 blogs:
1. Booooooom!
4. We Find Wildness
5. Look in Art