Intricate Paper Installations By Daniele Papuli

Milan-based artist and sculptor Daniele Papuli creates intricate installations entirely made from paper, or as he describes them, ‘Sculptographies’.

Having shown his site-specific artworks in various solo exhibitions throughout Italy, Papuli’s abstract installations are all carefully composed by hand – whether it’s a flowing relievo-like form on the floor of a church in Florence or a fantastical sculpture floating from a roof. Working exclusively with paper, according to Papuli, his fascination for the material stems from the fact that it’s “alive, vibrant, ever-changing”.

In a statement about his work, Papuli says: “Sometimes the shapes become paper monoliths faceted in many light lamellae where the different layers are like veins and the chromatic variations of the surface, yellowing as paper does in the sun, follow the metamorphosis by which the sheet traces back to wood, to the tree, to its primary mother-matter.”

All images © courtesy of Daniele Papuli