Paper Interior Portraits By Simon Schubert

German artist Simon Schubert creates intricate paper works of interior portraits by carefully folding plain white paper.

The folded lines of the pieces reveal delicate interiors of real buildings, such as the Berlin Stadtschloss and Marienbad. Schubert says that the series was inspired by the light-filled portraits of Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershoi. Besides his paper works, Schubert also creates sculptures and installations.

In a statement about the project, the artist says: “The works often show interiors from the end of the 19th century reminding the spectator of ‘haunted mansions’. The pictures of the endless hallways with closed doors, the blind windows, the empty halls and the winding staircases appear to be single views of tremendous, labyrinthine building, which seems to continue ever further into the white.”

All images © Simon Schubert